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The pops are exactly what they say...complete bliss. I asked Bliss Pops to come sell at the school fundraiser I was planning and they were amazing! Not only were the pops soo good and in such awesome flavors, but Mike is a truly awesome guy. He was super attentive to all my questions during the entire planning process and he was great at the event.

Thank you, so so much.

haven't given much thought to popsicles since i eat them once a year when Fat Face came to town via Eat Real.

as i remember, flavors were mostly fruity and the like.

in their absence, Bliss has emerged with edgy flavors beyond fruity ones.

natural too.

likes: bananae, peanut butter, chocolate chip (3)

-bursting with flavor, no aftertaste

take outs:

-seen at Oakland First fridays, JLQ events.

Wow, I was about to order either the mango or strawberry but when I found out they have matcha last minute, of course I had to get matcha. As much as I love matcha, I was kind of iffy how a matcha pop would taste because I'm used to matcha ice cream and those are two different types of ice cream so I didn't know if the texture and such would be to my liking. Boy, I'm so glad I got it because I was impressed, it was pretty good!

We hired Bliss Pops at the last minute for our outdoor wedding reception at Lake Merritt. Mike was great to work with, rearranging his schedule to work with our last minute request, and brought enough pops to satisfy our 250 guests.

Since the party was in a public space and we didn't want to feed random passersby, our guests were told to flash a secret signal to Mike (2 hands forming a heart) so he'd know who to feed. It all worked out perfectly. People loved it the pops, and everyone was well and happily fed. Highly recommend!

key lime OMG better than any key lime pie i have ever had i ssooooooo want more. fudge sickle still drooling. please go!!!!! best decision you'll ever make its right outside Crustaceans. grabbed a few different flavors for hubby's bday I still have strawberry cheesecake to try and my son had cookies and cream. I must go people I want this little cart to stay around forever and grow into so much more.

Bliss Pops are awesome! We tried the mango pop and the peanut butter banana chocolate crunch pop and both were delicious! Congratulations to Bliss Pops on their grand opening and welcome to the neighborhood! I hope to try more of their unique flavors in the future!

Yo, Bliss Pops was unreal good! Vegan options, are you kidding me? Don't get me started on the guy behind the stand, it's no arrested development, but Mike is seriously funny. Dude makes a mean pop, too. Definitely hitting up Bliss Pops again.

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