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These pops are perfect for a party of any size. My guests loved them and we actually didn't order enough because a lot of people wanted to try a second or third flavor. Some of my favorites were peanut butter chocolate chip and toasted coconut, but I heard the standards were delicious too (strawberry, choc, etc). The carts are adorable and the "pop butler" service is a nice touch so you can enjoy the party and not worry about serving yourself!

Pops are super fresh.  My favorites are the blackberry mint chocolate chip & peach banana pecan....mmm, my mouth is watering now.  Nice portion size.  Cute presentation.  Have been eating these for months and quality always good/consistent.

Toasted coconut for the win!  These pops are delicious, refreshing, perfect snack on a warm summer day. or any day, really."

I wasn't expecting to enjoy a Popsicle that much. I only tried the toasted coconut, but so far so good. Coconut was my favorite when I was younger so I'm the worlds leading authority on coconut ice cream. And I can say I wouldn't bother with anything else. Had no artificial taste to it. I think it tastes better and much more pure that most pops you buy at the grocery store. It was sweet but not overly. The coconut pieces gave it a great texture... Seems like they spent a lot of time to get the taste just right, which as a customer I appreciate. I'll go back for the coconut, but I wanna give some other favors a try, especially the Elvis. That's my review..Good job!

I used Bliss Pops for an event I held in Milpitas. Mind you, it was National Ice Cream Day. They had TWO events already going on in SF and they STILL managed to accommodate me. Mike was super helpful and nice and very easy going to work with. We ordered 120 pops of the following flavors: Strawberry, Strawberry Cheesecake, Mango Habanero, Nutella, Toasted Coconut, Pineapple and Chocolate Fudgesicle. My favorites were the Nutella and Pineapple. SO yummy and refreshing. Definitely give them a go if you're looking to add something unique to your outdoor party. Thanks again Mike, you were great to work with!!"

AMAZING! Booked them for an event and they are the most responsive and accommodating ice cream caterer ever. NOT to mention their pops are to die for (the flavors are true and refreshing and not super rich!) I had ordered the key lime pie, organic strawberry, nutella, and banana peanut butter chocolate chip. Our guests could not stop talking about them! Seriously thinking of another event so I can have the pleasure of eating blisspops! Thanks Mike and team!

I first discovered Blisspops at a friend's birthday party and was blown away by their delicious flavor. As a professional event planner, I am always looking for special ways to delight the guests and Blisspops never disappoints.  Mike could not be more accommodating and helpful. I highly recommend serving them at your next event!

delicious! Bliss pops were at the mission bay kids festival today. Great flavours! I really appreciated however, that the guy put kids before profit. His card reader was down, and I didn't have cash but he still gave my 3yr old son a strawberry Popsicle! And he loved every single bite! Thanks Bliss Pops!

Bliss popsicles are great ! delicious!! I tried them in Mission Bay kids festival in San Francisco.

I was there with my daughter my daughter liked strawberry ice cream. I had banana flavor I love it. They have more flavors. I highly recommend Bliss Pops for any events try out their popsicles.

Awesome Bliss Pop.

Bliss Pops are awesome! We tried the mango pop and the peanut butter banana chocolate crunch pop and both were delicious! Congratulations to Bliss Pops on their excellent business! I hope to try more of their unique flavors in the future!

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