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  • These pops are perfect for a party of any size. My guests loved them and we actually didn't order enough because a lot of people wanted to try a second or third flavor. Some of my favorites were peanut butter chocolate chip and toasted coconut, but I heard the standards were delicious too (strawberry, choc, etc). The carts are adorable and the "pop butler" service is a nice touch so you can enjoy the party and not worry about serving yourself!

  • Pops are super fresh.  My favorites are the blackberry mint chocolate chip & peach banana pecan....mmm, my mouth is watering now.  Nice portion size.  Cute presentation.  Have been eating these for months and quality always good/consistent.

  • Toasted coconut for the win!  These pops are delicious, refreshing, perfect snack on a warm summer day. or any day, really."

  • I wasn't expecting to enjoy a Popsicle that much. I only tried the toasted coconut, but so far so good. Coconut was my favorite when I was younger so I'm the worlds leading authority on coconut ice cream. And I can say I wouldn't bother with anything else. Had no artificial taste to it. I think it tastes better and much more pure that most pops you buy at the grocery store. It was sweet but not overly. The coconut pieces gave it a great texture... Seems like they spent a lot of time to get the taste just right, which as a customer I appreciate. I'll go back for the coconut, but I wanna give some other favors a try, especially the Elvis. That's my review..Good job!

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