Bliss Pops™ was born from the excitement to celebrate the dynamic experiences we all have as individuals. This idea is what makes each of us unique while uniting us. We strive to take ideas, old and new, traditional and innovative, familiar and unfamiliar, and have them come together in magical collaboration. Our founders unexpectedly found the embodiment of this ideal during their years in Gaudalajara, Mexico after discovering an unidentified street vendor and curiously peering inside his cart. The explosion of sticks and color that gazed back was their first introduction to the Mexican paleta- an imaginative all-natural approach to the classic, childhood frozen popsicle. The Bliss Pop’s™ founders described the paletas in this way:

“Big fat pieces of fruit swimming in whole cream like glorious relics of juiciness frozen in
time …or at least the time until my stomach.”

Our goal is to duplicate this experience for our customers with every delectable flavor of Bliss Pops™!
Many Americans are familiar with the traditional flavored sugar-water popsicles that can be
bought out of the back of ice-cream trucks on blistering hot summer daysBliss Pops™ wants to
capture this childhood pastime in a natural, healthier way that brings fresh, local ingredients
to the masses while still inviting individuals of all ages and diverse tastes to celebrate the
dynamic through inventive, new flavors.Using an all-natural sweetener from the Mexican.

Maguay plant in homage, our pops offer a sweet treat without the addition of processed sugars and additives. All of our ingredients are farm-sourced, fresh and provide mouth-watering
goodness that is preservative and mostly gluten-free. Goodness starts from within, and we
believe that is the case with every ingredient we put in our Bliss Pops™!

Bliss Pops™ has created a multitude of gourmet flavors to please even the most discriminating dessert connoisseurs. From the simple, chocolaty goodness of our Fudgesicle and Nutella pops to the fruit lover’s dream-come-true in our fresh strawberry and pineapple pops, we have
something for everyone. And Bliss Pops™ aren’t just for kids! We have flavors that will tickle
the taste-buds for our grown-up dessert lovers too: Maple Bacon Cognac, Spiced Peach Sweet Tea and Mango Habanero. With the entire world’s cuisine as our compass, we will continue to journey and explore culinary treats from near and far, always adding to our library of flavors. No matter your flavor preference, our “popfessionals” use a pop-bath that is 30°C below 0 to flash freeze the pops in small, controlled, handmade batches for smooth, ice-free desserts that perfectly capture the flavor of the all-natural ingredients.

Come celebrate the dynamic with Bliss. Because that’s how life is, how our pops are, and how we
want to contribute to your own signature experience.


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